Outdoor Elevator

  • 14′ travel (un-enclosed, regulated by elevator code), 20′ travel (enclosed)

  • Winding Drum drive train

  • Soft start/stop, PLC controller, constant pressure operation

  • Safety underpan for un-enclosed models

  • Standard Mill finish Aluminum with Optional Industrial Marine Grade acrylic paint, wide choice of colors to chose from

  • 2 year parts warranty

  • Complies with ASME A18.1, elevator code for vertical platform lifts

Are you looking for the weather resistance of a cargo lift but need the safety features of an elevator  without the elevated price? We now have The Outdoor Elevator. This Vertical platform lift has the safety features that are only found on wheelchair lifts. 
With the Safety underpan to stop the lift when the unlikely event that something was under the lift when traveling down allowing the lift to return to the upper landing
2 or 3 landings 
32″ x 48″ Platform size
32″ x 48″ Platform size
The Outdoor Elevator
 Full height door and facia for bottom landing

Upper landing gate 36" or 42" wide
Call now for more information and see how a cross between a Cargo lift, Wheelchair lift and an Elevator will work for your home!

Beach house lifts
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Customize with a wrap or paint job for your own personal look 
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 Full height door and facia for bottom landing
Outdoor Elevator with custom canopy